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Festivais Gil Vicente
Festas da Cidade e Gualterianas
Festivais Gil Vicente
Festas da Cidade e Gualterianas
Festivais Gil Vicente
2017 Festival

Innovate and grow, these are the two main objectives that have been the keystone of the Westway Lab since its fledgling days. These objectives provided the necessary fuel which has since made this original and unique festival, conceived in Guimarães in 2014, a prominent event on an international level. This year’s festival will follow along the path of previous editions with more and more layers added on to make the event increasingly engaging by expanding into the city, which will also contribute with four new stages to welcome the talent hailing from both Portugal and abroad to a very open setting.

The Westway Lab will thus feature more days, more stages and more bands, and during this time the event is sure to extend its inestimable cultural and social value widely throughout the community, one which represents economic value for the region as well.

This year, one of the major novelties will be the pollination of music – the core art form of the festival – with cinema, with the arrival of the well-regarded South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), whose presence adds still more international exposure to the Westway Lab.

What excites us most is our inability to explain fully what it is about the Westway Lab, and its ever-renewing processes of generating new ideas, which makes the event a delicious mechanism able to shape future memories in such a highly inclusive way. And nothing better than to close the festival with an iconic thinker the likes of Brian Eno: So often in life, we are confronted with a range of possibilities. The best thing we can do is to choose one quickly and then make this option work for us. This takes us to interesting places, with surprising results.


Concertos na Cidade
Concertos WL
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05 WED
05 THU
06 FRI
08 SAT
SEXTA 07 / 23H00


Concertos WL
Composer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, Polish performer Buslav mixes electronic music, pop and his acoustic side. After many years collaborating with other artists on a freelance basis, Buslav released a solo album in 2016. The songs he offers audiences are delicate and emotive as he places his entire soul into the compositions, which end up being ballads which move the listener. But Buslav’s music is not just about this sound, which shuns labels by its creative process and produces touching songs as much as it avoids nostalgia and created more pop-style music. His concerts are always an...

Compositor, letrista e multinstrumentista proveniente da Polónia, Buslav mistura a eletrónica, a pop e um lado mais acústico. Depois de vários anos a colaborar com outros artistas como músico freelancer, Buslav lança o seu álbum a solo em 2016. As músicas que oferece ao público são delicadas e emotivas, pondo toda a sua alma nas composições que resultam em baladas que enternecem quem o ouve. Mas nem só desta sonoridade vive a música de Buslav, que rejeita rótulos no processo criativo e tanto faz canções mais comoventes como consegue fugir da nostalgia e criar músicas mais pop. Os concertos são sempre uma viagem em espiral emocional que tão depressa apelam ao lado mais melancólico como, de seguida, transformam a sala de concertos numa festa. O virtuosismo de Buslav faz com que se equilibre tão bem entre estes dois mundos que, na sua música, são um só.

2017.04.07 | Buslav
SÁBADO 08 / 17H00
Concertos na Cidade
Maybe Canada
Maybe Canada é Magnus Hansson, de Gotemburgo, na Suécia. Anteriormente, Magnus era cantor e guitarrista numa banda country chamada Dusty Brown. Maybe Canada é um projeto individual, que tem o apoio de alguns bons amigos e músicos. Em setembro de 2011, Maybe Canada lançou o seu EP de estreia. Foi gravado no Studio Epidemin, em Gotemburgo, por Petter Ericsson. O segundo EP foi lançado em janeiro de 2013 e foi gravado em vários lugares e por vários produtores, embora a maioria das músicas tenha sido gravada pelo próprio Magnus no Studio Gray Mountain. O terceiro lançamento é de março de 2014. As...

Maybe Canada is Magnus Hansson from Gothenburg Sweden. Previously, Magnus was a singer & guitarist for the alt-country band Dusty Brown. Maybe Canada is a one-man band, featuring the support of some good friends and musicians. In September 2011 Maybe Canada released his debut EP. It was recorded at Studio Epidemin in Gothenburg by Petter Ericsson. The second EP was released in January 2013 and was recorded at various places by various producers, though most of the songs were recorded by Magnus himself at Studio Grey Mountain. The third release has been out since March 2014. Its three songs complete the “EP project”. Maybe Canada mainly plays as a duo with friend Joakim Fritzner on pedal steel and electric guitar. They’ve been a support act for Justin Townes Earle in Gothenburg. Maybe Canada was an opener for Gothenburg based Hellsongs during one of their Germany tours.

2017.04.08 | Maybe Canada
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